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„SUNDEW“ MCXI600 – Inverted Microscope

€ 4.966,- incl. 20% Mwst.

LED Illumination (650101)

ICO2 INFINITY Plan Objectives
(Magnification range 100 – 200x)
(without mechanical stage)

Inverted microscope body with LED illumination for 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz. Quintuple revolving nosepiece. Sturdy base with supportive rubber feet, 360 x 280 mm. With low position coaxial coarse and calibrated fine focus control. Focusing range: 8mm up and 3mm down from focusing position (1.2mm above stage). Incorporates tension adjustment and safety autofocus stop unit. Filters: blue, green and frosted Specimen stage: 160 x 250 mm with glass insert plate, Auxiliary stage (650310) 70 mm x 180 mm included

Built-in power supply. Collector system with integrated iris diaphragm.Dust cover, 2 spare bulbs and instruction manual included.

Compensation binocular head for INFINITY optics, Arc-type, 30° inclined, 

360° rotatable. Interpupillary distance 48 – 75 mm, with diopter adjustment

Eyepiece EW 10x/22Widefield (Ø 30mm), paired
Eye shields large, paired
LWD ICO2 PLAN 10x/0.25, WD 10mm, CC 1.2
LWD ICO2 PLAN 20x/0.40, WD 5.1mm, CC 1.2

ELWD Brightfield condenser, n.A. 0.3, WD 72mm
with integrated iris and filter tray, adjustable

Attachable mechanical stage (650300), x-y coaxial control,
moving range 120×78 mm

Price for SET as described above
€ 4.966,- incl. 20% Mwst.

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