MC10 DAISY, Binocular Set

€190,00 inkl. 20% MWSt.

MC10 DAISY, Binocular Set (Art. No. 250002) with adjustable LED illumination, Arctype Binocular head, inclined at 30°,  360° rotatable, interpupillary distance 48-75mm.  Diopter adjustment. Quadruple nosepiece.

Art.Nr. 250002

Double layer mechanical stage 125x120mm / 70x20mm.

Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment,  moving range 10mm.

Eyepiece WF 10x/18 (Ø 23mm)


Achromat 4x/0.10, CC 0.17

Achromat 10x/0.25, CC 0.17

Achromat 40x/0.65; spring loaded, CC 0.17 Achromat 100x/1.25 oil, spring loaded, CC 0.17 Abbé brightfield condenser n.A. 1.25, i with ntegrated iris Including dust cover, immersion oil and instruction manual

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