€ 4.651,- incl. 20% Mwst.

can be used for halogen and LED base device

Epi-Fluorescence attachment – FOR 3 NORM FILTER CUBES.
Equipped with a HBO burner 100 Watt and focusing/centering screen.
The light-filter system of main body: 2 excitation light waves, 
B (blue filter), G (green filter) and O (transmitted light)
Excitation filter Blue: BP460-490, Green: BP 510-550
Double direction dichroic mirror DM500, DM570
Cut-off filter BA520, BA590
Power Supply 220V 50Hz or alternative 110-115V 60HZ 
Accessories included in the set:
2 pcs!! Super high pressure spherical mercury lamp HBO 100 Watt
2 pcs.  Fuse 250V: 8A
1 pc.   Screen for eye protection
1 pc.   Special oil for fluorescence.

Price for SET as described above
€ 4.651,- incl. 20% Mwst.

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