€595,00 inc. 20% VAT

Ergonomic metal stand with energy-saving 3W LED lighting

4-fold revolving nosepiece tilted backwards

Coarse and fine drive, stage height stop (The stage height stop prevents the collision of object and lens and thus prevents possible damage to both), total focus range 24 mm

Observation tube
Binocular, 30° inclined, 360° rotatable

Eyepieces (1 pair)
10x, field of view 18

Sample table
Mechanical cross table 132 x 142 mm, movement range 75 x 40 mm

Lenses, finally corrected
SP ACHRO 4/0.10 AA 18.5 mm, DK 0.17 mm
SP ACHRO 10/0.25 AA 7.00 mm, DK 0.17 mm
SP ACHRO 40/0.65, spring-loaded, AA 0.53 mm, DK 0.17 mm
SP ACHRO 100/1.25, oil, spring-loaded, AA 0.13 mm, DK 0.17 mm
Bright field condenser
Abbé Condenser n.A. 1.25, with iris diaphragm

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