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LOTUS MCX51 Biological Microscope with LED illumination and Plan Infinity Optics

Biological microscope LOTUS MCX51 with many significant features

Lotus is available to quality- and cost conscious users in the field of Life Science that in this price segment is seeking one´s own kind in its configuration.
MICROS has equipped its new unit with LED illumination and of course the stage with its patented glass plate.

A special sensor device “SMART SENSE” entails an automatic shutdown if the microscope is not being used for a certain period of time. This is another feature that besides the long-lasting LED illumination (30,000 hours) allows working with this unit environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

As this microscope is made of sturdy parts it is ideal for continuous use in the course- and routine operation. Lotus MCX51 is even an asset to university life due to its fixation of single components, e.g. eyepieces, condenser and objectives.
By the build-in cord storage and carrying case (optional), the microscope can be easily stored and transported.

With its plan corrected ICO² Plan objectives, „PURE“, its multi system condenser as well as the steady and high-intensity LED illumination, clear images are guaranteed at any level of lighting.

All together, the ARCTYPE tube through which the angle can be adjusted to the operator in two stages, the backwards faced quadruple nosepiece and the perfectly ergonomic arrangement of control elements, enables an effortless handling of the microscope. Even the multi system condenser with its scales for each objective simplifies a quick preselection for ideal viewing results.

The slots for darkfield and phase contrast enable an easy upgrade of the microscope. Therefore it can be switched into another viewing method fast and at a reasonable price.

The added and rackless mechanical stage with its ultra-hardened glass plate is just another feature that gives pleasure working with this microscope. The missing rack eliminates the risk of injuries to the hand.
As the glass plate is resistant to scratches and chemicals it ensures a neat table surface. If necessary, the glass plate can be easily changed.
A focus stop collar prevents a collision of objective and specimen (to avoid possible damage of both).
Optionally, the microscope can be equipped with a sliding stage. The round stage slides smoothly on a greasy film. The advantage of it is that the specimen which is held in place by object clamps can easily be positioned.

Operating the LOTUS MCX51 in hot and humid climate does not cause any problems. Due to a special anti fungus treatment the images of the optical system remain sharp and clear


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